Settling in sessions

When commencing their learning journey at Riverside, new children are welcome to attend 'settling in' sessions; to ensure they become familiar with other children, staff and our Pre-school environment. The frequency and duration of visits can be tailored to suit your child's needs and at your convenience.

When a child first starts at Riverside Kindergarten Pre-school, their Key Person and all staff are available to work very closely with them, providing extra comfort and care in these early days. Your child can bring along a special toy or blanket if they wish.


Starting Pre-school is a big step for both children and their parents/carers. There are probably a number of questions you wish to ask, so please do not hesitate to get in touch. For details please use the 'Contact Us' tab above.

Building relationships

While attending Pre-school your child has the opportunity to make friends with other children as well as relate to other adults. They will learn to share, take turns, gain independence and confidence, as well as develop self-discipline and esteem based on consideration for others. Your child is encouraged to try out different activities and to be independent by self choosing from our wide variety of stimulating play activities. This also allows for your child to freely explore and build relationships with other children. 

The adults in the setting have plenty of time to listen to your child and talk with them, to answer questions and share new discoveries. There is time for storytelling and enjoying songs, rhymes and poems together or in small groups. Key Person's  give quality time to gain an in-depth understanding of your child's individual learning and development needs.