September 04, 2019

Welcome back to Riverside.

We hope you all had a great summer.


Parents/carers - please log in to our parent section for details of our upcoming events for this term. Many thanks.

September 17, 2017

'CRACKERJACKS' Charity fundraising event

On 18/09/17 our children are invited to attend Riverside wearing a 'Heroes' or 'Princess' outfit. The aim is to raise money for the children's charity - CRACKERJACKS. They provide much needed equipment to support children with disabilities throughout the UK. If your child does not attend on this day, please contact Anne and she will be happy to discuss attending. Please help us support this worthy cause by donating the small sum of £2 for your child to attend in their special outfit. Many thanks in advance.

October 01, 2017

Meet 'Pippin' the tortoise !

To enhance our learning around the topic 'Autumn' and to talk with the children about seasonal events relating to animals, Pippin the tortoise will be visiting the setting this week. We will discuss the changes in his lifestyle as the weather becomes colder and he prepares himself for 'sleeping' through late Autumn and Winter - hibernation. 

​The children will be able to hold him, with your permission. Please inform our Manager, Anne Harris, if you would prefer your child not to touch Pippin. He will be kept safely in a crate, so all children will be able to observe visually.

​Please feel free to bring photographs of any family pets to share with the group & items related to our shape this week:  OVAL - the shape of Pippin's shell

We hope the children enjoy meeting him, alongside joining in with many other fun filled activities relating to our topic!

September 21, 2017

Photographer visiting Riverside

All children who attend Riverside are welcome to join us for photograph day. Our photographer has visited us on many occasions throughout previous years. She always manages to make the children laugh and smile with her little box of puppets and props! Children may wear their Riverside uniform, favourite clothing or festive outfits - as the photographs will make ideal Christmas gifts for your family and friends!


If your child does not attend Riverside on this day, you are welcome to bring them along. We have appointments available throughout the morning from 8am through to 1pm. If you would like your child to have their photograph taken with their siblings then this is fine...just bring them along at a time suited to you. Please use the appointments sheet in the lobby to log your request before Friday 22/09/17 so we know to expect you.  Many thanks.

October 08, 2017

We love books!

For all Parent/Carers - Here are some links we hope you will find useful 

The importance of play:


Bedtime reading...or during any other times you enjoy books with your children:

Happy playing and reading everyone !

October 15, 2017

Let's cook!

This week our staff have organised a different cooking activity each day. We are sure the children will enjoy preparing their food... and eating it!


Please be assured that ingredients are safe for all children at Riverside. Staff will provide a list of ingredients each day; this will be displayed on our entry door.

We hope parents/carers will also join us in celebrating Diwali this week, by cooking at home with their children. With this in mind, a recipe for 'Coconut Ladoo' will be available at the registration desk to take home - 2 simple  ingredients to make delicious treats. Yummy!

Happy cooking everyone!

October 31, 2017

Our Topic this term - Celebrations!

Welcome back. We hope you all had a great half term break.


There are many wonderful events to celebrate the past and present this term. We will be organising activities linked to Bonfire Night, Remembrance Day, Children in Need and more! Please keep visiting this website page to find out more as the term gets underway.

On our first day back after the half term (31st October), children are welcome to attend in dressing up outfits if they wish...

November 17, 2017

Children in Need fundraising event

Let's all help Pudsey to raise money for Children in Need by attending Riverside in non uniform on 17/11/17, wearing spotty and/or bright colours! We will also hold a cake sale at the end of the morning session - 12pm. Please give generously as your donations will be much appreciated to aid the Children in Need campaign. Many thanks in advance.


More information about the ways your donations support children across the UK can be found at:

January 08, 2018

Our learning this term includes the following activities:

Week commencing: 

08/01/18 :  Welcome our returning children and new starters :) Planting bulbs to grow indoors 

15/01/18 : Exploring creativity and colour mixing through free-painting

22/01/18 : Learning about birds - RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch (27-29 Jan 2108)

29/01/18 : Winter weather - snow ! My melted snowman 

05/02/18 : Hearts crafts - Valentine's Day and International random acts of kindness day

19/02/18 : On our return following the half term break we will celebrate Chinese New Year of the Dog 

February 19, 2018

More learning this term...

Week commencing:


19/02/18 :  We will be making pancakes. We will also begin making bird feeders - this will be continued over the coming weeks

26/02/18 :  Dressing up for World book day will be on Friday 2nd March. Possibility of snow :)  To link with the seasonal weather, our crafts will include cold climate animals - Penguin 

05/03/18 : Celebrating Mother's Day and dressing up for World Book Day will now be on 09/03/18

12/03/18 : 'Singing in the rain' -  World Sing Up Day

19/03/18 : Our focus this week will be healthy eating with greengrocers role play area and associated crafts

26/03/18 : Learning about Easter and making hot cross buns

29/03/18 : Charity Fundraiser Day - dressing up as a Superhero or Princess to support Crackerjacks Children's Trust 

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